Information of Player

BrokenBone (originally alkan or hathelper) is the original creator of The Conquerors. He is the creator of The Conquerors 3. He can be seen sometimes playing the game to test out hats or could be doing other stuff like editing his game to add new features like engineers to the game. He does not care if an unit or building is being copied from another game and only wants to continue on to keep updating the game in a statement said in-game.


Ever since The Conquerors 3 was released, many people have been saying he gives no credit to the original creators like Berezaa or HatHelper. A statement that can shows he is the real creator is the fan group, made by Alkan showing a link to The Conquerors 3 (seen on 3/11/2016) proving that it is not fake and it is an official Conquerors game.



Roblox Profile:!/about