• JoeJoeAwesome2016


    September 2, 2018 by JoeJoeAwesome2016

    A cruiser could be a nice addition, it would have have medium health, high firerate, medium+ speed and great AA capabilities. What do you guys think?

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  • Jagameplay


    July 21, 2018 by Jagameplay

    hello experienced players of this game I am new to this game and I came here to know some things

    Questions: 1: how do I search for more submarine type attack units, I was playing and bought the search center to search more, I do not know how to do this 2: how do I do the nuclear silo, seriously wanted to know how to make the nuclear silo to make a nuke>: D, but I do not know how to do and where to buy I already reviewed the store 3 (last question): what the futuristic bomber does, yes I know this is a half-idiot question but he wanted to know if he even did bombarding because it would be kind of boring for me to buy him thinking he bombarded me when I buy him, he only attacks the units
     (if you know everything I'm talking about here, say 1 i…
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    July 11, 2018 by MAGICMISSILE123

    The supercarrier is the most expensive unit, Its usefull to destroy plane

    The super carrier is used in mid-late games, its need to be protected by 4 Destroyer or 2 battleship

    Pros= - Most highest Hitpoint

    - Can garrison 25 Unit or 8 Gunboat

    - Can produce plane, even it can produce Stealth bomber

    Cons= - $$EXPENSIVE$$

    - Defenceless againts naval and ground

    - Must be researched (( cost 200 ))

    - Most slowest unit

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    The battlecruiser is support ship, its effective againts Naval and building

    The battlecruiser is mid-late game and cannot be used in low game

    If some player using battlecruiser in low game, it will instantly removed and no refund

    Pros= - High damage

    - Can destroy entire naval

    - High hitpoint

    Cons= - Lacks firerate

    - Defenceless againts plane and ground unit

    - Long reload ( 5 seconds )

    - Long ability reload (1 minute)

    - Counts 2 unit

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  • AntiAvatar

    Drone unit idea

    July 10, 2018 by AntiAvatar

    In a blog post by AeronautYuFan1 talking about anti-submarine warfare, I posted an idea that a new unit called a drone should be used. The drone, according to my post, is a flying unit that can attack submerged submarines and detect stealth bombers. The drone is armed with missiles that can be shot at anything.

    Description: A flying unit that resembles a MQ-9 Drone

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  • AntiAvatar

    From my experience in TC3, I see that most soldiers take a bit of a long time to destroy enemy buildings, which can give the enemy time to wipe them out. So, I extracted an idea from my brain and thought of some sort of flamethrower soldier. See the stats shown on the left and comment on what you think of it and/or what changes should be made.

    Description: Regular light soldier but with a flamethrower and 2 fuel tanks attached on its back.

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  • TheBigBoy69

    How do i scroll from left to right in the skin shop, there's no button or anything like that.

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  • Scipii09

    My strategy

    March 19, 2018 by Scipii09
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  • Iamepicbutdumb

    it would just be silly people would just be overpouerd

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  • Mechadestroyer

    I got banned from rooms, how much time will it take me to have the ability to rejoin the rooms?

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  • Stret1311

    Hello I came back to this game an while ago and, I am recently having some difficulties to find servers i get decent teams, so im posting this thread here, and if you want to play with me, just post in the comments your ROBLOX username and i will send you an friend request.

    My ROBLOX username : Stret1311BR

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  • Bedrockguy

    The server has 2 ranks, Admin and Server Owner.

    The admin is for, of course, the admins.

    The server owner is for, you guessed it, me

    FAQ: (for a question to go to FAQ, it must have more than 2 askers and questions will be asked in my talk page)

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  • M231 FPW

    My strategy for TC3

    October 30, 2017 by M231 FPW

    Remember, some of the tactics arent completely mine. I had to borrow other people's and learn from my defeats.

    So heres my strategy. I assume most people use it, but idk. Mostly likely few. Here it is anyways:

    One: secure your economy. You need cash to build a good military. Nuclear plants and powerplants for crystals and oil ships for oil fields. Dont squander your cash on barracks so early in game.

    Two: build a land army. This is by far the most important unit in the game. Naval is restricted to water and air can be expensive and isnt effective at raiding bases alone. I generally view air as support. The regular infantry is the backbone of your military. I recommend doing a heavy spam, though its not exactly popular with some people. Build …

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  • Pure Competizione

    New Skins

    October 5, 2017 by Pure Competizione!/decals

    I have discovered upcoming skins in BrokenBone's inventory, which are:

    • Vietnam Tanks
    • Korean tanks (South Korean but generically named Korean)
    • Soviet Tanks
    • Futuristic Tanks
    • Japanese Navy
    • A Snow Map
    • A Circular 4v4 map

    Add your thoughts below.

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  • CreateCrusher

    Challenge page?

    September 26, 2017 by CreateCrusher

    So thanks to a comment on my other blog post, I got thinking... wouldn't it be fun if we had a challenge page, kinda like how we have a community wanted features and types of players. Tell me what you guys think, I dont know if it would be the best but I think that it would be kinda fun. A page where we post challanges for each other to pursue and complete. Tell me what you guys think and weither its a good or bad idea.

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  • CreateCrusher

    So I got a bit bored playing a 3v3 conquest all by myself and instead of winning with artillery, sniper-jeeps and explosive tanks, I decided to try something a little different... like winning via 3 motherships!

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  • Jayunleashed

    The power of sniper jeep

    September 17, 2017 by Jayunleashed

    Today I am writing about the grim reaper of infantry called the Sniper jeep. The sniper jeep is snipers in a jeep. Even though it's a sniper jeep is rendered useless against anything other than infantry it is all worth it because as mentioned above it is the grim reaper off infantry.

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  • Anjn Shan

    It's been a few months, I didn't go rusty that much, but when I did return to the wiki, I found the all-too-familiar presence of hate speech or otherwise bashing any works I have developed.

    On the short-handed side of this, the ones against only bash off the bias that my works aren't good(please, I haven't seen anything remotely better, and I have never actually failed using it if a superior strategy existed to trump even mine.)

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  • FishyKinso


    If you haven't already knew, there is an uncopylocked version of The Conquerors 1. The game is halfly broken but it's expected due to being an old game and nowadays ROBLOX has updates that do ruin the game.

    So, these statistics are taken from the code source of The Conquerors 1,  I think they haven't much changed in The Conquerors 3.

    So, these are the statistics in pictures. These are actually very interesting.

    Wow, it seems like they are very alike. The Light only deals one damage, whilst the Heavy do twice the damage.

    Now, let's do health, this is extra, extra shocking:

    So, both units have the same amount of …

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  • FishyKinso

    The "Panzer" Hill

    July 29, 2017 by FishyKinso

    Whilst I was farming skin boxes, I decided to set up a hill base. Well, it was due to boredom. I deleted a couple of my nuclear plants (going from 175 to 115) just to make it.

    It's composed of a lot of Research Centers and Bunkers, Japanese skins, purely aesthethical.

    It also has a Space Link and a Nuclear Silo. What do you think?



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  • Pure Competizione

    I have made the ultimate troll base, on top of a mountain unable to be reached by any units besides space planes. This would be such a pain if any enemy was online... I later added a Tank Factory.

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  • AeronautYuFan1

    Submarines are some of the most annoying units (After Stealth Bombers, of course).

    Wouldn't it be nice to have a new unit to counter these? Such as, Torpedo Aircraft, or even making the Gunboat capable of dealing some (but little) damage to Submarines. Was going to suggest a Helicopter to counter Submarines, but I guess that's already been added.

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  • Damaniac2

    New Updates

    June 16, 2017 by Damaniac2
    • (6/22/2017) Fixed chat not working during voting, extended voting time, added chat notifications
    • (6/21/2017) Fixed Repairmen not fixing shields. And fixed watermines not being placeable without fancy water. *Trying to fix roblox connection issues, if you cant join new round join existing ones*
    • Minor Update (6/16/2017) - Round Timer (only to let you know how long its been. There is not a time limit) and setting to turn off chat. Buffed heli health and raised the snipers range. Mouseover and hit key to toggle special abilities. Can now toggle chat. Skin crate limit slightly raised.
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  • Mogeto

    Someone test this out

    May 7, 2017 by Mogeto

    The Conquerors Mark II used to have a health number. I'll assume their stats are same/similar.

    Light Soldier is 100.

    Heavy Soldier is 100

    So they have same health. On the description it says it has more attack power. Which is probably true with The Conquerors 3 aswell

    Someone test if its true or not. Test the stats. Not with command center but rather having a friend to use Light vs Light Light vs heavy etc. Alright I'll update the rest thanks bye

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  • Squiddum

    As shown through the previous blog, light and heavy troops boast the same amount of health, which can lead to questioning over whether light or heavy units are superior in terms of value. However, there is evidence that the main difference between the light and heavy variants may boil down to their offensive power.

    I first conducted a test on both light and heavy soldiers by counting how many hits it takes for a soldier to kill an enemy light soldier. Here are the results:

    Light- 97

    Heavy- 67

    Not only did the heavy soldier kill in less shots, it also had a faster fire rate than the light soldier, ultimately leading to the heavy soldier having a higher DPS than the light soldier.

    More experiments to come...

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  • Squiddum

    I ran a test with ground and air units where I counted the number of times it took for the CC to fire at the unit before it dies, therefore lettimg me effectively compare the health of units. Some results came as expected, while others were beyond prediction. Have a look for yourself below:


    Light- 12

    Heavy- 12

    Repairman- 2

    Constuction- 2

    Medic- 3

    Engineer- 12

    Anti Air- 8

    Juggernaut- 22


    Light- 31

    Heavy- 31

    Anti Air- 28

    Explosive- 12

    Artillery- 5


    Light- 21

    Heavy- 21

    Transport- 21

    Stealth- 4

    Space Fighter- 24

    Mothership- 36


    Jeep- 17

    Soldier Transport- 23

    Humvee- 28

    This reveals the hidden truth that light and heavy troops have the same healthpoints, meaning contrary to regular strategies, both units are equally viable in defense. However,…

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  • Mogeto

    High+, High, Medium, Low. This is unclear and I think we should get a new stats system like. Start from base. Light Soldier health and damage and then we test everything against each other. It might be hard but it's very informative like and we can also put High Medium etc but we'll bracket it and put it beside the stats value. What do you guys think?

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  • Suprexmax

    Informal Writing

    January 28, 2017 by Suprexmax

    Hello, this is just a post to let you know what I'm doing. Recently I have changed a number of articles and making them more formal. In formal writing, YOU should be careful to not to writing in 2nd person, as this makes YOUR writing less formal. hope YOU understand that YOUR writing should not use some words, which I think I made obvious. Don't use "you" or "I". Lastly, I recommend you download the Grammarly extension or app because it is very helpful. Thanks, don't ban me.


    P.S.-I'm a level 42, so I know what I'm doing with this game if you don't believe me. Or If you want to play with me.

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