The same tactics the Nazi's used to destroy enemy territory. This is similar and how to use it in "The Conquerors 3"

Blitzkrieg means "Lightning War" in German. You have to keep on the lookout for enemy movement and pinpoint their bases weaknesses and focus your tanks and planes onto it.

This will be divided into 3 parts. Early Game, Mid Game, and End Game.

Requirements Edit


Tank Factory

Keeping on the Lookout

Early Game Edit

Start out with any plant, and expand on unclaimed areas and do not start early aggression.

When you get enough income, build barracks and a full fleet of armed heavy soldiers. Expand before the others manage to, it demoralizes them and scares them if you capture the energy crystalpoint before they do.

Mid Game Edit

Now build a Tank Factory and get a full fleet of Heavy Tanks.

Try to be smart and avoid all aggression and stay out of the early wars and let others fight each other so that they'll be weakened and you can strike hard on a soft spot.

Get an Airport and make a full fleet of Heavy Planes. Now be ready to transport them as your full fleet of armed heavy units is complete.


Time to execute it. Best timing is when your enemy strikes other teams with their army. Leaving them weakened. Look out for open positions and strategic dangerous bases that could wipe you out.

Go for the one closest to you. Go to nearby their base or land on their base but do not attack. See if a command center is open while defenses such as turrets and forts are on the other side.

If possible get an ally to have a full fleet of stealth bombers or planes and you get stealth bombers instead.

Then the planes are sent first to bait all the defenses. You then send in stealth bombers to go in. This will alert the enemy and make him panic. While he is spending time trying to understand what is happening, Strike hard and send tanks in to do the damage while not taking any damage due to the air bait.

After the tanks have destroyed soft spots, get heavy soldiers behind to support them and focus on a narrow front. Focus all your troops onto it and soften their defenses. Then you can push through very easily.

Use your heavy soldiers behind to secure the points and the base incase they backstab you and try to take it back.

Replenish your army and repeat. Focus hard on a soft spot and a narrow front like a spearhead.

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