Basic Guide on How to Survive a Long Round

There are countless ways to play The Conquerors 3 but this guide will focus on basic strategies. It should only be used as a rough guide for what you should be doing in a conquerors round. This strategy is focused on LONGER rounds and is not applicable to rushers. It is most effective if a truce of 30 or more minutes has been agreed on. If you do end up going against rushers, use the barracks made early game to create troops and destroy the enemy's income.

Early Game (0-20 minutes)

*For 2v2v2 rounds

Capture all energy crystals around your territory and your teammate's. Set up barracks after 10 or 15 minutes and capture the enemies' energy crystals. If they are attacking your crystals, use your soldiers to defend yourself.

*For 3v3v3 rounds

1 teammate should immediately make barracks while the other 2 expand their economy. This requires you to have a team that you can trust if you are the one who creates the barracks. The barracks are not necessary if you have agreed to a truce

Mid Game (21-40 minutes)

*For 2v2v2

Once your economy is reasonably high (about 85 or 100 p/m) make a tank factory or an airport. Later at the 30 minute mark, start to research and maximize your troop caps. This will enable you to overpower other armies more easily in the future. Planes are also necessary at the 30 minute mark to enable you to quickly retaliate if they attack your Power Plants or Nuclear Plants. Nuke research can also be done within this time frame

Late Game (41+)

By now everyone should be extremely powerful. Nukes are very useful during this time (if you can afford them). You should weaken their army and then replace your lost troops. Then you should use a fire missile to remove any remaining troops that they have. After you destroy their army, destroy their economy IMMEDIATELY to ensure that they cannot retaliate. The destruction of their economy can happen at any time but you MUST make sure that they cannot retaliate with troops of their own. An airforce of space fighters or a mix of space fighters and stealth bombers is recommended. After you have done this, gather your troops and attack their largest base and destroy it. After this, it should be a piece of cake if you did it correctly.