Overview Edit

The Barracks is a production building that produces foot units, such as Heavy Soldier and other foot units. Its value may be considered a lackluster to most players.

Usage Edit

Throughout the duration of an entire game, the barracks can prove very useful to any player. Barracks are commonly used to produce soldiers and foot units for war, defense, and expansion. Early game, barracks can be used to produce units for repair, construction, or even early fights for resources.

The Barracks are simple, newer players to the game that don't deploy money production buildings can still pose a threat with constant heavy soldiers or light soldiers bundled up.

Attacking Strategies Edit

Whenever attacking an enemy, it is handy to keep all the enemies near base, to have the barracks produce more soldiers than needed, so whenever one dies, another one would come to take its place.

Units Edit

Light Soldier: $10

Heavy Soldier: $20

Repairman: $25

Construction Soldier: $25

Engineer: $35

Anti-Air Soldier: $50

Medic: $125

Scout: $15

Sniper: $70

Skins Edit

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