The Anti-Air Turret is aimed at taking out air units and can be purchased for $85. The base resembles other Turrets, however, the top part is instead two barrels. It only attacks aerial units.


This unit is good for defending a base from air units. It does massive damage against air units, similar to the anti-air tank and anti-air soldier. It's unknown how its health and damage compare to the other units. However, it does differ in that it is stationary, costs $5 less than the anti-air tank, and $35 more than the anti-air soldier.

It is always smart to have one or two of these at one's base, along with normal turrets. It can also be used to defend plants from air units sent to take them out (the most common way to take out plants). In a case like that, anti-air turrets would be more useful than normal turrets. However, a player may instead use a transport plane and drop ground troops out of its range, then send in the troops to take out the turrets and plant. Therefore, it may be wiser to use a mix of both anti-air and normal turrets when defending plants.

Attack Strategies

Since the anti-air turrets have low health, they should be defended by a much stronger building. These turrets can defend buildings such as power plants from players who may use planes to lower the money a player earns.

They can very quickly down fast and strong enemy aircraft such as Space fighters, Stealth Bombers and even in numbers Motherships.