Aircraft Carriers are a new unit in the Conquerors 3. They are a powerful naval unit that allows one to produce air units, serving a similar purpose to an airport.


Aircraft Carriers are an expensive utility purchase available in a naval shipyard. Costing $400, the Aircraft Carrier is equipped with two turrets with damage slightly higher than those of the Battleship.

They can be used as an airport, allowing the user to produce planes whilst at sea. This can be used in a blockade strategy to rush the opponent whilst attacking with planes that can take less time to travel there. This can be an expensive alternative to an airport whilst having the benefit of a plane being able to be made about anywhere the ship is.

The Aircraft Carrier is slower then the battleship and can be caught out easily if alone. Despite this, it has the highest health of any naval ship (roughly 20-40% more than the Battleship) and can match the Battleships damage, allowing it to tip the balance in naval conflicts.

The aircraft carrier can also serve as a transport ship as it can garrison planes, tanks, and soldiers. It can transport a full fleet of 14 heavy soldiers. It has a higher garrison capacity slot than a transport ship itself.

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